Current Work

As of June 2013, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism invited TEPS to work in collaboration with the Director of Wildlife on the newly-formed Elephant Task Force to formulate an action plan for effective anti-poaching patrols.

  • Prepare a work plans for Selous ecosystem, Ruaha-Rungwa/Kizigo and Ugalla/Kigosi/Moyowosi and Katavi ecosystem

  • TEPS to assist the department to fund raise for an ecosystem specific needs.

TEPS is also working on the following:

  • To organise the “Herding For Elephants” event to raise awareness of the plight of Tanzania’s elephants and funds to help the GoT to in their task to arrest the poaching.

  • To commence a plan for the systematic integration of TEPS into the research and information gathering strategy of all protected areas across the country. TEPS must meet with each park, reserve, WMA, and any other relevant body and then:

    a) Assess what data collection and relevant technology is currently being used.

    b) Assess what would be the most effective additions TEPS can add to the current protocols.

    c) Organise an improved information gathering and analysis system with the relevant leadership, and be integral in presenting the results to the WD.

  • Begin a plan to become the central collection point for nationwide information, both positive and negative, for the further conservation of Tanzania’s elephant population.

    a) Solicit regional representatives to receive the relevant information from the TEPS central office, and advise security forces on the ground.

    b) Produce car stickers and possibly spare wheel covers for distribution to wildlife authorities, safari camps, tour operators and concerned individuals across the country to advertise the contact point for TEPS information gathering service. The stickers must offer simple instructions of what information to pass on, including time, location and perhaps, examples of what we are looking out for.

    c) Prepare flyers for distribution on the ground among communities and law enforcement officers.

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